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Bus Shelter Advertising

Titan’s bus advertising network is the largest in the United States. In addition to the traditional exterior and interior Bus advertising formats – including Digital - Titan also provides Bus Shelter advertising in a number of its markets.

Bus Shelter advertising offers big impact creative solutions for clients looking to reach high numbers of consumers. They are heavily concentrated in city centers and suburbs and are seen by pedestrians and vehicular traffic. In addition Bus Shelters also provide high dwell time for consumers waiting for the Bus. This means that the media lends itself to campaigns that engage either through creative, or by inviting consumers to participate with them via the mobile web. Titan is happy to work with clients to help them create engaging campaigns.


If your campaign needs reach, impact and the ability to target key areas and audiences, Bus Shelter advertising is the perfect medium.

Titan offers Bus Shelter media in Philadelphia, Chicago and Seattle. Each panel is Eyes On rated.